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 terms of use
Nov 28 2016, 06:26 PM

terms of use

welcome to divide!

while we strive to create a free and creative atmosphere, we do have terms of use that if broken, may result in probationary staff action against your account. please take a read and a double & triple-check through before posting any galleries, content or other submissions!

we're going to keep this list short and simple; if you have further questions regarding specific forums, more information can be found inside!
    site guidelines

    our site is rated PG-13. we allow swearing and profanity, but we do not allow most graphic or mature content on the site, warnings or no. this being said, please take a look at our library rules for more information on submitting mature content or content you're unsure of.

    we do not allow playbys or sites that use playbys under 18 years of age. this includes in usage os avatars, signatures, or linking to sites that use them in any way shape or form.

    we do not tolerate racism, sexism or prejudice of any kind, whether that be an opinion or otherwise, hate will not be tolerated– this includes by messages. reports of such actions will be investigated thoroughly. references in writings allowed within library rules and proper content warnings. please be mindful of fellow users.

    we do not allow requests on the site! that means requesting in topics, private messages, the cbox or on the moon. unless a user has explicitly offered in some way, requests will be deleted– repeated offenses may mean further action taken against your account.


    we allow 1 account per user– usernames may be changed every 30 days. please do not include any inappropriate or mature themes on profiles or in usernames.

    if you need to report, clarify, or get into contact with a staff member for any reason, please message our universal mods first and foremost! do not be afraid to contact a staff member, that's what we're here for! to make sure everything runs smoothly and members are enjoying their time here. before you do, be sure to check out our moderation forum for things involving topics or user accounts.


    signatures must not be more than 500px in width, otherwise they stretch the board!

    avatars can be any size or shape, preferrably not long enough to stretch the board, but all will re-size to a width of 200x whatever height amount without a problem. not interested in displaying awards? there's a section to turn off awards view in your UCP, no problem!

    off-site linking

    we allow limited off-site linking; this means in signatures, for resources, and downloads. otherwise, please refrain from linking off-site or send links in private messages.


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