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 points shop
May 22 2017, 03:17 PM

points shop

this is the points shop ! here you can purchase things for the points you've earned through posting or in other ways. there is not wait time between purchases unless otherwise noted.


[b]username:[/b] username of the person you are purchasing this for ( you or another person )
[b]what you'd like to purchase:[/b]
[b]info:[/b] text or awards you'd like included, removed, etc.
[b]total cost:[/b] the amount of points total for all

    award removal - 10 points per award
    don't want a reward anymore ? get rid of it ! 10 points per award you wish to have removed, up to 6 awards removed at a time. please wait 4 days before requesting more removals.

    custom award - 20 points
    custom award to send to another user! include what you'd like the title to be, and the username of who you'd like to send it to z-
    includes this image user posted image

    turn on a custom title - 80 points
    allows you to have a custom title underneath your username ! please include what you'd like the title say.

    change title - 20 points per change

    turn on mp3 in - 100 points
    allows you to add a song underneath your username ! please include the hot link to the song you'd like to be added.

    change song - 20 points per change

    advertising space: 1 month - 250 points

    get your ad featured at the top of our site index !


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